Single Family Home (DuPage)

Single Family Home
Over $64,000 in tax savings and refunds

Single Family Home (DuPage)

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Single Family Home (DuPage)


Property Type: Single Family Home

Savings: Over $64,000 in tax savings and refunds

Location:  DuPage County, Illinois

Description:  7,647 square foot single-family home

Key Results:

  • Filed appeals 8 years in a row as Assessor was unwilling to reduce assessment
  • Obtained a competent appraisal opining to a substantially lower value
  • Tried the case before the Property Tax Appeal Board
  • Over $64,000 in tax savings and refunds

The Challenge

Elliott & Associates was contacted by the owner of a premium single-family home in DuPage County.  The Assessor valued this home at about $2.7 Million and the owner believed it was worth far less than that.  The owner attempted to negotiate a reduction with the Assessor, but the Assessor was adamant the home was fairly valued based on sales of homes the Assessor believed were comparable.  The client firmly believed that the Assessor’s comparable properties were substantially better than his home and overstated his value.

Our Approach

The Elliott team had the home appraised by a reliable appraiser who had experience in testifying in tax appeal trials. His appraisal valued the home at about 23% less than the Assessor.  Elliott & Associates attempted to negotiate settlements with the Assessor, but the Assessor adamantly refused to settle.   Our firm decided to proceed to trial.


Elliott filed appeals eight years in a row to the DuPage County Board of Review.  The Assessor appeared at the hearings and aggressively defended his assessments by providing evidence of sales of allegedly comparable properties.  The Board denied our appeals.  Elliott then appealed to the Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB).

We submitted our appraisals to the PTAB.  The Assessor submitted his sales comparables, which appeared on the surface to be similar.  We researched the Assessor’s comparables and submitted rebuttal evidence that pointed out the significant differences between the Assessor’s comparables and our client’s home.

We ultimately prevailed each year we appealed and obtained tax refunds for our client of $64,953.  These refunds would not have occurred but for our persistent and capable efforts and our client’s patience.  Current year taxes are now consistent with the most recent appraisal.