Single Family Home (Suburban Cook)

Single Family Home
Over $99,000 in tax savings and refunds

Single Family Home (Suburban Cook)

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Single Family Home (Suburban Cook)


Property Type: Single Family Home

Savings: Over $99,000 in tax savings and refunds2

Location:  Northwest suburban Cook County

Property:  3,200 square foot single family home

Key Results:

  • Obtained competent appraisal that assigned much lower value to swimming pool and golf course proximity than Assessor
  • Tried the case before the PTAB and won
  • Over $99,000 in tax savings and refunds2

The Challenge

Elliott & Associates has represented the owner of this single family home in northwest suburban Cook County since 1998.  The home includes an indoor pool and the Assessor included the square footage of the pool in his valuation of the home.  Additionally, the home abuts a golf course, but faces the golf course maintenance sheds and does not truly enjoy a “golf course view”.  The Assessor, however, valued the home consistent with other golf course homes in the neighborhood, which, implicitly, assigns a premium to the subject for golf course views and proximity.

Our Approach

The Elliott & Associates team believed the swimming pool did not enhance the value of the home. Elliott argued that many buyers would consider the pool to actually be a negative feature and that including the square footage of the pool would result in an over valuation of the home.  Further, the Elliott team believed it was inappropriate for the Assessor to value the home consistent with other golf-course homes in the neighborhood since the subject faces a maintenance shed and not the golf course itself.

Elliott obtained an appraisal of the property and made sure that appraiser was aware of these concerns.  The appraiser valued the home using comparable non-golf course homes.  Elliott filed appeals to the Cook County Assessor and Board of Review and obtained assessment relief, but less than desired.  Appeals were then filed to the Property Tax Appeal Board and ultimately, our firm tried the case.  At trial, the County agreed the square footage of the home for assessment purposes should not include the square footage of the swimming pool.   The PTAB reduced the assessment as a result of the appraisal.


Over the years, the assessment of the property was reduced and tax refunds were directed by the County resulting in tax savingsand refunds, before exemptions, of over $99,000.  To obtain the desired results, it was necessary for Elliott to obtain an appraisal and try the case before the Property Tax Appeal Board.  Assessments are now at an appropriate level.

2Tax savings before exemptions