Is the Assessor taxing your flag or your FF&E? We’ll make sure he doesn’t

Hotel Assessments Are Unique

Hotels are businesses that include real estate.  But, the Assessor should only tax your land and building and not your flag, FF&E or good will.  The key to obtaining maximum relief in hotel tax appeals lies in proving to the assessing officials what the value of the land and building is separate and apart from the value of the FF&E and goodwill of the hotel business.

Hotels are frequently over-assessed, particularly after a sale has occurred, because the assessment may include the value of the entire hotel business, including the non-taxable assets.  Our job is to value only the taxable real estate and to convince the assessing officials our valuation is correct.

At Elliott & Associates, we understand hotel valuation.  We study the hotel industry so we can provide the most comprehensive representation possible.  When appealing a hotel assessment, we draw upon our extensive research, data and expertise and come armed with pertinent and persuasive facts and figures.  We will typically review:

  • Your STAR report
  • Your recent P&Ls
  • The current HOST study
  • The Uniform Franchise Offering Circular for your hotel franchisor
  • Recent sales of comparable hotels

Our team will aggressively pursue appeals before all appropriate governmental agencies to make sure that you are not leaving money on the table.

Let our experienced team review your assessment and develop a strategic plan designed to achieve the lowest taxes possible for your hotel.


"I have nothing but good things to say about Elliott & Associates. They have saved me a lot with respect to taxes and are always working hard and keep me in the loop about procedural changes and updates to the tax appeal process. The entire staff is very professional and always prompt in responding to my inquiries. I was told by a friend to use Elliott & Associates several years ago and have been with them since. I would certainly recommend them to others and will continue to use Elliott & Associates in the future."

- Ron Kammo, Quality Inn - 04/15/15

"I have enjoyed working with Elliott & Associates because of their ability to clearly communicate the tax appeal process combined with their ability to obtain great results for my hotel properties."

- Job Varghese, JJS Inc. - 04/15/15

Tax Bill & Tax Savings

Rising Tax Bill - Why does my tax bill continue to rise year after year?

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Tax Bill Payment – Appeal Pending - Elliott & Associates is pursuing an appeal for me. Should I pay my tax bill?

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Tax Bill Impact – Successful Appeal - If you file an appeal and reduce my assessment, will my tax bill be less than last year?

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Tax Bill Higher – Assessment Lowered - You filed an appeal on my property and the assessment was reduced, but my tax bill is higher than last year. Where are the savings?

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Assessment Process - Cook County

Cook County Assessment Process - In Cook County, how does the re-assessment process work?

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Cook County Duration of Process - In Cook County, how long does the tax appeal process take?

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Assessment Process - Collar Counties

Collar Counties Assessment Process - Outside of Cook County - How does the re-assessment process work?

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Collar Counties Duration of Process - Outside of Cook County, how long does the tax appeal process take?

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Appeal Process

PTAB v. Court - When should I appeal to PTAB or Court?

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PTAB Duration - Why do PTAB appeals take so long and what can Elliott & Associates do to speed up the process?

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One-Year Reduction - Why did I obtain a one-year only assessment reduction?

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