Property taxes are complicated. Results are important. We simplify and deliver.

Helping Community Associations And Their Representatives

Property owners understand the importance of keeping property taxes low and expect association representatives to proactively monitor and contest their tax assessments.

But, for the association representative, the tax appeal process can be a confusing, time-consuming chore.  Our team understands the challenges faced by association representatives.   We strive to simplify the tax appeal process and allow association representatives to focus on other pressing matters while we do the heavy lifting.

At Elliott & Associates, we provide aggressive, passionate and vigorous legal representation.  We also work to streamline the tax appeal process for association representatives by:

  • Monitoring assessments each year.
  • Conducting all necessary research and analysis.
  • Exhausting all appropriate levels of appeals.
  • Providing timely and useful communications to association representatives.
  • Educating, informing and advising association representatives about the tax appeal process and providing tools to help them communicate with unit owners.

As an additional benefit, we take stress off your budget with our Extended Payment Terms

Let us help you with a proposal to contest assessments in your community association.

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"I have had a working relationship with Elliott & Associates since 2008. In 2008 I worked directly with Mike Elliott on a complex project that involved obtaining 412 payments by legal tax bill descriptions for a new development. This process required a high level of organization and more importantly, a high level of communication with unit owners. Mike and his team handled this project with ease and were always available to address any questions or concerns about the unique process. I have been working with Joanne Elliott since 2010 and have been most impressed by her intelligence and realistic perspective. Joanne does a fantastic job educating owners and association managers on property value factors versus property tax assessments. Elliott & Associates’ entire team mimics the same customer service levels and experience set by Mike and Joanne. It is my opinion that Elliott & Associates is the hardest working Property Tax Appeal firm in the City of Chicago. If you have saving opportunities, Elliott & Associates will find them!"

- Amy Eickoff, Lieberman Property Management - 04/15/15

"Elliott & Associates is excellent at providing appropriately timed updates and communications about the appeal status for their clients. Whether it's a specific update for a client, or a general communication about the appeal process, they make sure everyone is informed. This is very helpful for property managers who often need to explain the appeal process to homeowners and Board Members."

- Gail Filkowski, First Community Management - 04/15/15

"Elliott & Associates provides exceptional tax appeal services for our clients. They readily provide information upon request to make a property manager's job easier. They proactively share Cook County tax updates in a format that is easy to share with residents. I regularly recommend Elliott & Associates to colleagues and would highly recommend them to any condominium association looking to maximize the tax appeal process to lower property taxes"

- Jessica Peterson, DK Condo - 04/15/15

"The relationship with Elliott & Associates dates back to a professional relationship when Joanne was involved in real estate and title company matters. Once established as a Real Estate Tax Appeals attorney, I started to use her and her firm for personal, family and client appeals work. Joanne and Elliott & Associates have been consistently successful in reducing real estate taxes. Not all matters have resulted in reductions, but the vast majority has been successful, many with excellent results. Elliott & Associates knows their stuff and pursues appeals with passion. They have excellent professionals and support staff to work with. A recent example of the firm’s effectiveness was with my Condominium Association, where the Board thought that it was time for a change. The newly engaged company was unable to find reductions. Eventually Elliott & Associates was rehired and continued to reduce the real estate taxes for the Association. They are great with follow up and have clear representation letters. They keep the client informed on the progress of their appeal. They are definitely on the refer and hire lists. "

- George Drost, Unit Owner/ Drost, Kivlahan, McMahon & O'Connor LLC - 04/15/15

"We have had wonderful experience dealing with Elliott & Associates. Everyone in the firm is professional, courteous and knows their business. The representatives communicate without requesting an update. They walk you through the entire triennial process...actually, they hold your hand. I would and do refer Elliott & Associates whenever the opportunity arises."

- Margie Tinerelli, DK Condo - 04/15/15

Tax Bill & Tax Savings

Rising Tax Bill - Why does my tax bill continue to rise year after year?

Download PDF

Tax Bill Payment – Appeal Pending - Elliott & Associates is pursuing an appeal for me. Should I pay my tax bill?

Download PDF

Tax Bill Impact – Successful Appeal - If you file an appeal and reduce my assessment, will my tax bill be less than last year?

Download PDF

Tax Bill Higher – Assessment Lowered - You filed an appeal on my property and the assessment was reduced, but my tax bill is higher than last year. Where are the savings?

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Assessment Process - Cook County

Cook County Assessment Process - In Cook County, how does the re-assessment process work?

Download PDF

Cook County Duration of Process - In Cook County, how long does the tax appeal process take?

Download PDF

Assessment Process - Collar Counties

Collar Counties Assessment Process - Outside of Cook County - How does the re-assessment process work?

Download PDF

Collar Counties Duration of Process - Outside of Cook County, how long does the tax appeal process take?

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Appeal Process

Condo Appeal Process - How do condominium association appeals work?

Download PDF

PTAB v. Court - When should I appeal to PTAB or Court?

Download PDF

PTAB Duration - Why do PTAB appeals take so long and what can Elliott & Associates do to speed up the process?

Download PDF

One-Year Reduction - Why did I obtain a one-year only assessment reduction?

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Condominium Tax Considerations

Legal Fees - Should our association treat tax appeal legal fees as a common expense or bill the unit owners back?

Download PDF

Opting-Out - Can unit owners opt-out of condo association appeals?

Download PDF

Senior Freeze v. Senior Citizen Exemption - What is the difference between the senior freeze and the senior citizens exemption?

Download PDF

Senior Freeze – Senior Unit Owner: Risk of Losing Freeze - If my association files an appeal on behalf of all unit owners, am I at risk of losing my Senior Freeze exemption?

Download PDF

Senior Freeze -Senior Perspective: Legal Fees Explained - I have the Senior Freeze and I don't think the association's tax appeal benefited me. Please explain if it did.

Download PDF

Senior Freeze – Association Perspective: Waiving Legal Fees - Should our association waive legal fees for senior freeze recipients?

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