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You work hard to earn a profit and property taxes affect your bottom line.  It’s important for you to know your taxes are as low as possible every year and it’s our job to help you achieve that objective.

To accomplish this goal, we have assembled a team of experienced attorneys and valuation professionals.  This combination of legal and valuation expertise allows us to review your assessment from multiple points of view to find the most compelling reasons why it should be lowered.  Our attorneys then aggressively contest your assessment before the assessing officials and exhaust all appropriate levels of appeal.

To support our team, we have developed and fine-tuned systems, technology and procedures to make sure all cases are handled efficiently and effectively every day.  These tools enable our team to spend time thinking about your appeal and formulating strategies to lower your taxes rather than spending time shuffling through paperwork.

As a client of Elliott & Associates, you can rest assured we’ve got you covered.

Commercial Property Owners RESOURCE CENTER

"Our relationship with Elliott & Associates has been excellent for over 15 years. In 2000, we worked closely with Joanne to obtain a Class 6b tax reduction on our newly purchased office/warehouse facility near O'Hare. The reduction in taxes that Elliott & Associates was able to obtain helped us grow our young business. The savings allowed us to make it through the lean times and increased our bottom line in better ones. As a result of our positive experience, we have referred Elliott & Associates to friends, family, and business associates. All have been very pleased. Keep up the great work and good luck in the future. Thanks again, Joanne!"

- Rich Bondarowicz, SMART Companies - 04/15/15

"Elliott & Associates has represented me on real estate taxes for over 15 years and has done an excellent job. Elliott has represented my two businesses in tax savings and end of the year refunds, which I never knew were available. One of my businesses is a development company and after we sold numerous homes, we found that our buyers were receiving large tax bills. I immediately recommended that our homeowners hire Elliott & Associates. They all received reductions. Elliott has kept me informed on every step of the appeal process, letting me make the final decision on how far the appeal should be taken. I really value their judgment. I selected Elliott after trying a couple of law firms that I believe did not represent me well. I contacted another businessman whose judgment I trust, and he gave me Elliott & Associates’ number. I have returned the favor by referring numerous friends to Elliott. Elliott & Associates does all of my real estate tax work. I believe they have saved me over one million dollars in tax savings."

- Daniel O'Donnell, Riviera Country Club/Residential Developer - 04/15/15

"The bank has used Elliott & Associates for over five years to appeal the real estate taxes on property [residential, commericial, and industrial] owned by the bank. They have saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars."

- John Timmer, First National Bank of Brookfield - 04/15/15

"Elliott & Associates were great to work with, very informative, kept me in the loop with the case, and I was absolutely SHOCKED at the results in the assessment reduction that was achieved by Mike Elliott. I would recommend them in a heartbeat!"

- Mike D'Aiello, 3D Brick Paving Inc. - 04/15/15

"Elliott & Associates manages all aspects of the tax appeals process for all of my properties. This has resulted in substantial tax savings on each property. They are very good at monitoring deadlines and advising on the best options per each property's situation. They are very experienced and are more than happy to answer any questions that I have about my properties or the process. I am extremely pleased with the service I receive from Elliott & Associates, and I would recommend them to any person looking for an easy process to reduce their property taxes."

- Avni Patel, Commercial Property Owner - 04/15/15

"We use Elliott & Associates for all of our properties in Illinois. Joanne and her team are very knowledgeable and very customer orientated. We have referred them to many of our business associates on both commercial and personal properties. We have been successful in almost all of our attempts to get reductions."

- Berndt Fetzer, Instrumed International, Inc. - 04/15/15

Tax Bill & Tax Savings

Rising Tax Bill - Why does my tax bill continue to rise year after year?

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Tax Bill Payment – Appeal Pending - Elliott & Associates is pursuing an appeal for me. Should I pay my tax bill?

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Tax Bill Impact – Successful Appeal - If you file an appeal and reduce my assessment, will my tax bill be less than last year?

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Tax Bill Higher – Assessment Lowered - You filed an appeal on my property and the assessment was reduced, but my tax bill is higher than last year. Where are the savings?

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Assessment Process - Cook County

Cook County Assessment Process - In Cook County, how does the re-assessment process work?

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Cook County Duration of Process - In Cook County, how long does the tax appeal process take?

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Assessment Process - Collar Counties

Collar Counties Assessment Process - Outside of Cook County - How does the re-assessment process work?

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Collar Counties Duration of Process - Outside of Cook County, how long does the tax appeal process take?

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Appeal Process

PTAB v. Court - When should I appeal to PTAB or Court?

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PTAB Duration - Why do PTAB appeals take so long and what can Elliott & Associates do to speed up the process?

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One-Year Reduction - Why did I obtain a one-year only assessment reduction?

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Tax Incentives

Cook County Tax Incentives - How do the Cook County tax incentives work?

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