Feb 12

Assessor releases 2020 Reassessment Schedule

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The Cook County Assessor will soon begin accepting complaints for the 2020 tax year. This year, all property in the south suburbs will be reassessed.

The Assessor plans to start the 2020 reassessment season in February and will release assessment notices for each of the 17 South Suburban Townships one at a time through the end of August. This notice will set forth the proposed 2020 assessment (referred to as the reassessment).  Taxpayers will have forty days to file an assessment appeal with the Assessor’s office to seek a reduction in the proposed reassessment.

Property owners in each of the other 21 townships in Cook County will also have an opportunity to contest their assessments in 2020.  If the Assessor increases the assessment of a property in a non-reassessment township, the taxpayer will receive a mailed notice of reassessment and be given thirty days to file an appeal.  Taxpayers are generally reassessed in a non-assessment year if they received a one-year assessment reduction in the prior year.  One-year reductions are often granted if the property experienced above-normal vacancy or below-normal operating income.  All taxpayers will have the right to appeal during the 40-day filing period for their township regardless whether their assessment has been increased or not.

Click here to view the Assessor’s tentative township mailing schedule.

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